A tiny group of 16 Christian brothers and sisters thru the inspiration and instigation of the Holy Spirit of God founded this church on November 27, 1989. Notably in the early stage of this new church, the worship services were held four times a week in one of the co-founders’ garage, because money was an issue. Since every new institution has to go through an initial process of development one way or another, this church also had to cross the realm of some unbearable difficulties. But by the constant and persistent prayers to the Faithful God, those precedent worshipers were able to witness the blessings of the Lord in all aspects.

With an abiding faith in God, Father of our Lord Jesus-Christ, and a deep reliance in His mighty arms, this church was able to find promptly a new place of worship in just a few weeks. Consequently, the preponderant role of the leaders who predicted that God was going to do great things among us in short order, brought encouragement and relief to all the brothers and sisters in Christ. After countless prayers and supplications to God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a basic verse for Bethany ‘Maranatha’ Baptist Church was chosen by the founders to serve as core to its principles: 1 Corinthians 1: 10. The growth of this church with regard to faith, membership and knowledge of God’s Word has been remarkable since 1990. It has been such an unshakable quest by this body, to catapult forward the prescriptions of the Lord Jesus-Christ thru Love, Fellowship and Faith.

Finally after nine years of existence, the Lord has blessed this church with a new Temple since May 1st, 1998, in which each member thru the Power of the Holy Spirit currently divulges the Lord's glory incessantly.

To God be the Glory forever and ever…Amen!